Sunday, November 13, 2005

Initial Post

I decided to put all of my Marin real estate graphs and plots into a separate blog so that it is all easier for readers to find. Each post has a link back to the original post in my main Marin Real Estate Bubble blog so that you can find the original discussion.

I hope this is useful.


PS - You might have noticed that unlike other "bubble" blogs there are no ads anywhere on any of my blogs. You might have also noticed that none of my graphs and plots have any copyright symbols or URLs pointing back to any of my blogs. That's because I don't run these blogs with the intention of being famous or anything like that and certainly not to make money. So, to make a long story short, you are free to take copies of all graphs and plots found here and do pretty much whatever you like with them. I would ask that you give credit where credit is due however, but ultimately I leave that up to you.

All I care about is that the "word gets out". If you think this and my other blogs have some value, then tell people about them. That's the price you pay for my not having any ads or copyrighting my graphs, etc. Ok?

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